Professional Teeth Whitening

Though we may not want to admit it, first impressions count. Studies show that one of the first things that people notice about us is our smile. Dull, dingy teeth can have a significant impact on our professional and social interactions, and it’s not great for the self-esteem either. Stains from food, tobacco, medications, and age can all be eliminated with the right treatment. Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry is pleased to offer patients several options for whitening the teeth, thereby improving your looks and boosting your confidence. We offer these choices to help patients choose the procedure that works best for their budget, lifestyle, and condition.

What are some causes of tooth discoloration?
The most common sources of teeth staining are age, consumption of highly pigmented foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, colas, red wine, and tobacco use. Use of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride during the formation of the teeth may also cause tooth discoloration.

In-Office Dental Whitening

For patients who want fast results, our in-office whitening treatments can really fit the bill. Recent advances in dental technology have afforded us breakthroughs that can remove stains that previously could not be improved without the use of a technique such as dental veneers. We offer two in-office systems, Sapphire Whitening and KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™.

Dr. Baldwin will recommend the whitening procedure that is most suited to your needs. Both of these in-office treatments will whiten and brighten the teeth, but work in different ways to address some different variables.

Sapphire Whitening

The Sapphire whitening system uses a hydrogen peroxide gel and activation light to quickly lighten the teeth. This procedure takes approximately one hour. After a dental cleaning, the patient’s teeth will be coated with the special whitening gel, then the teeth will be exposed to the activation light for 45 minutes. That’s all! It is a quick and easy way for many patients to get the whiter teeth they desire.

FAQs about Sapphire Whitening:

Who can take advantage of Sapphire?

Most patients with healthy oral structures can use the Sapphire system. Dr. Baldwin will determine if Sapphire is a good choice for you by conducting an oral exam and teeth shade assessment.

Do many people choose to whiten their teeth?
Yes! Whitening the teeth is one of the most popular dental procedures these days.

Is the procedure safe?
Yes, there has been extensive research as well as clinical studies that indicate that professionally whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is safe. Whitening procedures are not recommended for children under 13, however.

Are the results long-lasting?
Following the procedure, you will be given instructions as to how to maintain your whiter smile. Your whiter teeth will be lighter than before, and we’d like to help you keep them that way for a long time. Periodic touch-ups are usually necessary to maintain the whitest smile possible.

What is the difference between drugstore over-the-counter teeth whiteners and
Sapphire professional whitening?

Over-the-counter whitening strips, gels and toothpastes take weeks or months, and only whiten your teeth a few shades. Sapphire is clinically proven to whiten your teeth by nine to 12 shades in 45 minutes. Big difference!

I’ve heard that teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. Does Sapphire have any side effects?
Some people experience temporary sensitivity to cold as a result of this treatment. The symptoms disappear within one to three days.

Are there any other concerns I need to know about?
Yes. The Sapphire procedure requires that all soft tissue in and around the mouth be protected. We are required to monitor the procedure to ensure that the soft tissues are protected, and protective eyewear is required during the procedure. Light sensitive individuals, such as those undergoing PUVA (Psoralen+UV Radiation) therapy or other photo-chemotherapy, as well as patients with melanoma, should avoid Sapphire. Some medications that make patients more light sensitive may also make Sapphire unavailable. Consult your physician before undergoing Sapphire if this describes you.

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System has made it possible for patients with stains that could not be whitened previously to join the ranks of patients with whiter teeth. KöR Whitening is a multi-step procedure designed to eliminate even deep staining of the teeth by forcing oxygen into the inner layers of the tooth. The procedure

First, Dr. Baldwin will make molds of your oral structures in order to create custom gel trays for your home use. You will then have a simple conditioning procedure done in the office, followed by two weeks of in-home use of your whitening trays and gel. Following that, you will have another office visit where we complete the final step of your whitening procedure. it may seem complicated, but it is worth it.

FAQs about KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™:

How long does KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ last?

With easy, periodic home whitening touch-ups, the system is permanent, unlike other treatments.

Does it cause dental sensitivity?

Years of research have yielded a whitening gel that produces low to no sensitivity. Most patients report no discomfort from the technique. Those who do experience sensitivity report very low levels.

Are there age restrictions on the procedure?

The younger teeth are, the better the results, typically speaking. However, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System rejuvenates older teeth even if you’re 90 years old.

Will my teeth look unnaturally white?

No. Your own natural tooth enamel will not be whitened beyond the normal range of teeth whiteness. If you have seen people with unnaturally white teeth, you are most likely looking at artificial teeth.

Will Kor Whitening lighten my crowns and veneers?

No. If you have dental works, your whitening treatment will not affect the color. You may need to get them replaced to match your whiter teeth.

How white can I expect my teeth to be after treatment?

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System can produce lightening of up to 16 shades or more, but of course each case is individual.

At-Home Whitening

For some patients, at-home whitening is the preferred choice. When patients don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they are whitening teeth, the process can be done gradually at home. It is also a good choice for patients who cannot undergo the in-office procedure due to a medical condition or other reason.

If you and Dr. Baldwin decide that at-home whitening is the best choice for you, Dr. Baldwin will take molds of your teeth and have custom whitening trays created. These whitening trays will be used with a special whitening gel for a prescribed amount of time each day. Most patients opt to use them overnight, while sleeping. The trays will safely seal the whitening gel on only the teeth, protecting your soft tissues and preventing swallowing of the gel.

Don’t wait! You can have whiter teeth three different ways with Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry. Call our office at (702) 360-3030 and schedule a consultation today!