Our Dental Plans

Our plans are designed to help meet the needs of our patients without dental insurance. All plans are one year contracts. All fees on minor procedures are due in full on the day of service. For certain major procedures such as crowns you will be allowed to pay half at the start and half at the finish or seating appointment. Start saving money today!

All plans include: 2 regular cleanings, 2 exams, oral cancer screening, fluoride treatment (children), and necessary xrays each year. 20% Off Dental Procedures, 10% Off Cosmetic Procedures. 40% off additional cleanings for those with past gum disease.

  • Individual Adult – $250/yr.* (Savings of $121 a year)
  • Individual & Spouse – $430/yr.* (Savings of $312 a year)
  • Family Plan – $675/yr.* (2 adults & 2 kids)
    (Savings of $683 a year)
  • Additional Children – $125/yr.*

*Children and kids applies to ages 1-18 in all plans