Dentures in Las Vegas

Tooth loss is a common dental problem. Whether caused by injury, periodontal disease, or advanced decay, tooth loss can cause difficulties in eating and speaking, and can give your face a sunken, haggard appearance. For patients who have lost a significant number of teeth, dentures may be the most practical tooth replacement technology available. Sometimes referred to as false teeth, this type of dental prosthetic has been popular for many years. Millions of people have experienced the benefits of complete or partial dentures.

Complete Dentures:

This kind of dental plate is available for patients who are missing all of the teeth in one arch. They can be used for either the top or bottom, or both. The procedure is a multi-stage process. First, you will have a consultation with Dr.Baldwin to have your case evaluated. If you and the dentist decide to proceed with replacing a full arch of teeth, any remaining teeth in the arch to be replaced will need to be pulled. After that, an impression mold of your oral structures will be created to be used in the development of the prosthesis. You may require a few fittings to ensure a comfortable set of false teeth. Additionally, if you experience discomfort from a less-than-perfect fit, your new plate may require adjustments.
It takes everyone some time to get used to the feeling of having a foreign object in the mouth, even if it serves a purpose. To help yourself get comfortable with your new teeth, you are encouraged to practice your pronunciation by reading aloud or talking to your pets. You may find that sticking to soft, easy to chew foods alleviates soreness during the adjustment period. Many patients report excessive salivation. If you experience this, you can try sucking on hard candies to encourage yourself to swallow more frequently.

Partial Dentures:

Because many people have aIf you’re missing more than a few teeth but don’t need to replace an entire arch, you may be able to consider using a partial. This also consists of a gum-colored base and prosthetic teeth just like other false teeth. The procedure is similar to that of having a complete arch of teeth replaced. Removal of any teeth that need to be replaced will be done first, followed by the creation of an impression mold to be used to make your new teeth. When this dental work is completed and any necessary adjustments are made, you’ll be ready to flash a complete smile and your teeth’s functionality will be returned.

Immediate Dentures:

As the name implies, your immediate dentures are designed to be used immediately after your teeth have been pulled. This offers the advantage of not having to appear in public without teeth. They are created in advance of your dental extractions to be used during and after the healing period. Your complete or partial dentures can be of this sort. One drawback of this type of dental plate is that the gums and teeth tend to shrink somewhat in the months following the extraction of the teeth and will require more adjustment than other types to function properly and comfortably.

Learn More About Dentures

  • Why should I have my missing teeth replaced? Missing teeth can cause problems with eating, speaking, as well as the self-esteem. In addition, replacing missing teeth can keep remaining teeth from shifting and becoming loose.
  • How long will my dentures last? It is difficult to say how long, however, most patients can use the same set of dentures for somewhere between five and ten years. Some patient’s false teeth will last a lot longer than others due to various differences. Some signs that you might need a new set are:
  1. loose dentures, or the need to use dental adhesives
  2. lack of facial support
  3. mouth soreness
  4. one or more repairs
  5. a worn, stained appearance
  • Will dentures affect the way I eat? There will be some adjustments that you’ll need to make when getting used to eating with a mouth full of prosthetic teeth. Your natural teeth were rooted deeply in your jawbone, enabling you to tear your food away from its source. Imagine biting into a piece of fruit. With natural teeth, you would tear the bite off right away from the rest of the fruit. With dentures, you will have to learn how to bite into the food and not pull your head away until it is already in your mouth. It will take some practice, but it doesn’t take very long for most people to adjust.
  • How should I care for my dentures? Even though you won’t have to worry about tooth decay, you should still clean your dentures after eating to prevent bacterial growth in the mouth and to keep the dentures odor-free. There are brushes and pastes made especially for dentures, ask Dr. Baldwin for a recommendation. When handling your dentures, keep in mind that they are breakable. It’s advised that you line your sink with a towel to avoid accidental breakage should you drop the dentures while cleaning them. Dentures can also dry out and become distorted and unusable, so plan to keep them in water or denture soaking solution when they are out of your mouth.

Dentures from Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry

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